Omakase Sushi

(Chef’s choice of sushi)


We recommend that you to try “OMAKASE “(chef’s choice)
–especially customers who visit Kazu Sushi for the first time.

OMAKASE Menu consists of small appetizers and a line-up of
our signature nigiri sushi including buttery Toro,
Nodoguro(Sea Perch), Umami Scallop, fluffy Sea Eel,and more!

Our nigiri sushi is completed to perfection with nikiri soy sauce
or other seasonings and is meant to be enjoyed as served.
An OMAKASE dinning experience at Kazu Sushi will turn you
Into a sushi connoisseur!

Omakase Sushi $60~$120

※ Prices vary according to portion size and market cost of ingredients.
This is an approximate range.
※ Omakase orders may not be shared.