Lunch Menu


Lunch menu comes with Miso Soup

Lunch Omakase Sushi   $55.00

A chef’s selection of today’s nigiri sushi(10pc of nigiri & one roll.)
Including our signature sushi such as toro, nodoguro, Sea eel,etc.

Sushi Assortment “A”  $21.50

High quality, Non-exotic combo
Bluefin Tuna(2pc), yellowtail(2pc), salmon, halibut, Albacore(2pc)
One Blue crab hand roll.

Sushi Deluxe                   $21.50

High quality, Japanese style combo
Bluefin Tuna, yellowtail,amburjack,White fish,shrimp,tamago, salmon egg,
eel,tuna roll(6pc).

Chirashi                             $14.95

An assorted sashimi on the bed of sushi rice.
Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, halibut, Albacore and more!

Chirashi Bento Deluxe   $26.95

A premium selection of sashimi assortment w/sushi rice
in the bento box.Inclueding toro,uni,salmon egg and more!

Tekka don                           $19.95

A slice of Bluefin(or Bigeye) tuna sashimi on the bed of sushi rice.

Sashimi Salad Bento         $19.95

An assorted sashimi with green salad in bento box.

Una ju (Broiled Fresh water eel)      $14.00

Charbroiled premium Fresh water eel on the bed of rice,
served in square bento box.

Una ju and Sashimi combination $18.50

Una ju & a small portion of Albacore tataki or halibut w/yuzu pepper.

Albacore Salad+Hand roll $14.50

Albacore sashimi on the Green Salad and a choice of hand roll.